Variegated yarns are so fun to use because they seamlessly change colors while you are crocheting (or knitting). In the end, you are left with a beautiful, handmade, item.

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There are so many lovely yarns out there that it can make it difficult to choose which one to use for your projects. But, knowing certain things about the yarns can help with the decision.

Yarnspirations has many different lines of yarns and one of my favorite yarns are those in the Caron Cakes line. Caron Cakes is a self-striping yarn which is awesome!!! Many of the crochet projects that I make have more than one color. And sure, I know how to change from one yarn color to another. But, with self-striping yarn, I don’t have to. It makes the workflow of the project run smoothly and I can travel with my project with one ball of yarn instead of several.

Also, the colors within self-striping yarns are color coordinating and change colors, from what it seems, at the right time in your project. No matter what type of project it is.

But, when you choose a yarn for your project, if the yarn is self-striping or not may only be one reason why you choose it.


You may choose a yarn depending if it has the right colorway for your project. Caron Cakes has almost 30 different colorways for you to choose from. You can check out all of the colorways on their website here. From the pictures below, these are the six that I own at the time I write this post. As you can see the colors coordinate with one another and would make any projects that you make seem lovely.

Yarn weight and length

Caron Cakes weigh 7.1 ounces (200 grams) and approximately 383 yards (350 meters) in length. Depending on the pattern, a pattern will either let you know how many ounces (or in grams) or yards (or in meters), one will need to make the pattern. This is important to take notice when you buy yarns so that you buy the amount that you need for your project. You don’t want to run out of a particular yarn mid-way through a project. It will mess with your flow and who knows if the yarn store will have that color when you go back.

Hook Size/Needle Size

It’s recommended to use a 5mm H/8 hook, if you are crocheting, and a 5mm #8 needles, if you are knitting, when using the Caron cakes.


Caron Cakes is a mainly made of acrylic fiber but it does have a bit of wool. The type of fiber a yarn is made of is important since it can be an asset to the type of project you make.  Wool is great for winter time projects for the added warmth wool provides.

Care Instructions

While acrylic yarn makes it easy to care for since it can be washed in a washing machine and generally dried in a dryer, wool doesn’t make it this easy to care for when laundered. For Caron Cakes, it is best to hand wash it and then lay it flat to dry.

As you can see Caron Cakes makes it a great yarn to use for a variety of projects. Using different colorways would lend to a totally different look even if you use the same pattern. I’ve used it mostly to make scarves including infinity scarves. It is exclusively sold at Michaels. But, you can buy it on Amazon here.

Check out the video that I posted on my YouTube channel for this in depth look about the Caron Cakes.

Have you used Caron Cakes before? Are there any particular colorways that you like? If you haven’t used them before, have you used other self-striping yarns in your projects?

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