The Barcelona and Barcelona Dulce Yarn is a go-to yarn for any types of projects for any time of the year. Even though it is a bulky yarn, it’s still a versatile yarn.

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Bulky #5 yarn weight

The Barcelona and Barcelona Dulce from Loops and Threads is a bulky yarn but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it. It seems as thin as a worsted yarn and feels lighter. Making it versatile for almost any type of project.

The Springtime in Barcelona Shawl used the Barcelona Dulce in the Daffodil colorway. I wouldn’t have thought to use a bulky yarn to make a shawl. But, I did.

At the time that I filmed the YouTube video, the Barcelona Dulce was easily found at Michaels but I can’t seem to find the listing any more as I write this post. It may be because it’s being phased out which is sad. I really liked the colorways it had available. Or maybe it’s because it will be revamped with new colorways to choose from. I hope it’s the latter.


The Barcelona yarn has 17 colorways and the Barcelona Dulce had 15 colorways to choose from for your projects. Both yarns are variegated yarns so the colors change seamlessly as you crochet your project.

The number of colorways and the colors used is the only differences that I could find between these two. I think the Barcelona Dulce has sweeter looking colors than the Barcelona which has classic colors.

These yarns do have a lot number. So, if you are using these yarns for a project and need multiple skeins, make sure that the lot number matches. Differences in the colors may have a different variation between the lot numbers. It can be noticeable in your finished project if you used different lot numbers.

Yarn weight and length

Both of the Barcelona and Barcelona Dulce yarn weigh 7 ounces (200 grams) and is 328 yards (300 meters) in length.

As I mentioned before, they are of a bulky weight yarn (#5). But, as you work with the yarn it feels light so it can be perfect for those springtime scarves and shawls. At the same time, if you use stitches that are closed (no gaps), it can provide the warmth you need for winter scarves.

So, don’t let it fool you. It’s a year-round yarn.

Hook Size/Needle Size

If you are crocheting, it is recommended to use the J/6mm crochet hook. If you are knitting, it is recommended to use the U.S. 10/6mm knitting needles. You would need 15 stitches by 20 rows to make a 4” x 4” (10cm x 10cm) gauge.


The Barcelona and Barcelona Dulce yarn are both made out of 100% acrylic. Making it a yarn that could be used year-round.

Care Instructions

These yarns are machine washable but it’s best to wash them in cold water and can be dried using the tumble dry low setting.

Have you used the Barcelona or Barcelona Dulce yarns before? What types of projects did you use it for? If you haven’t used this yarn before, try it out. You can still find the Barcelona yarn in Michaels and Amazon. Barcelona Dulce can be found on Etsy. So, they are not totally gone.

Check out the yarn and let me know what you think!

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