Top 7 crochet tools to have on any wish list as it will enhance your crocheting experiences. Here are my fave items to have that should go on any wish list for crocheting. What’s on your wish list?

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In my previous post, 7 Must-Have Tools to Start Crocheting, I wrote about the tools, or notions, that any crocheter should have in their “toolbox” before they start crocheting. But, there are some items that you should consider to have on your wish list. While you don’t have to have any of these items but they can make life easier as you crochet which is why I think they should be on the wish list of any crocheter.

1. Umbrella swift

Yarn comes in a variety of ways (i.e. ball, hanks, cakes, skeins). Skeins are the most popular since that is what is readily available in craft stores. But, umbrella swifts are so useful for yarns that come in hanks. When you untwist the hank, it forms what seems like an endless oval. When you use the umbrella swift, with the winder, you can wind the yarn to a cake. So, much more manageable to crochet your project now that it is in a cake.


2. Winder

If you don’t have an umbrella swift, the winder can still be useful in managing your yarn. I love my winder! Depending on how you like to crochet, you can have the yarn in a cake and use the working yarn from the center. It will give you just the right amount of tension as you crochet your project.

3. Blocking mat and pins

If you block your project once you finished crocheting it, a blocking mat and pins are super helpful as the material of the mat is designed to have damp yarn on top. The pins help in shaping the finished project to the shape that you need it to be. Once I got my blocking mat and pins, I haven’t used my iron to steam my project again.


4. Pom pom maker

Who doesn’t love pom poms? Pom poms are great when you add them to winter hats or as a finishing touch to blankets, mittens, etc. You can make your own pom pom makers but there are pom pom makers that can be purchased. I never had the best of luck with pom poms when I made my own maker. When I purchased the makers, the pom poms turned out so much better. It was not as floppy and held its shape better.

5. Yarn bowl

Has this ever happened to you? You are crocheting but have trouble keeping your tension with the working yarn. You are crocheting with the yarn off to the side of you and then all of sudden it’s rolling around the floor. A yarn bowl can help with either of these two situations. It helps keep the yarn within the bowl and not rolling around the floor. There is a hook that is part of the bowl where you can feed the yarn through it. This will help with keeping the tension you would need. My yarn bowl is right beside me each time I crochet.


6. Yarn tote bag

Sometimes you want to take your projects with you so that you can crochet when you go on vacation or take mass transportation to and from work. A yarn tote bag will help in keeping the yarn and the tools/notions that you are using for your project in one place. It also helps in protecting the yarn and project from anything else that might snag on it. Some yarn tote bags have grommets where you can have the yarn inside the bag, feed the yarn through the grommets, and work on your projects as you go on about your day.


7. Hook cases

If you have a lot of different hook sizes, a case is so helpful. It helps to hold a lot of hooks in one spot and organized. Some hook cases can be purchased with hooks already in them or empty and you can build your hooks as you go along. I purchased my hook case with the hooks already in it because I knew that I wanted to try a variety of projects and would need the different sizes of hooks.


All of these were on my wish list when I started crocheting and continued on my crochet journey. I got all of them, except the umbrella swift, bit by bit. But, one day, I will get that umbrella swift. It’s still on my wish list.

So, tell me, did I miss anything that should be on the wish list? Do you have any that is on this list?

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