Pick up your hook, get your yarn, and crochet along with me to create the Wavy Shell stitch.

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The wavy shell stitch makes for a block type of pattern. In other words, it creates a pattern that has no gaps. It is a multiple of 14 chains plus 1 chain. Any pattern can be adapted by either chaining more or fewer stitches as long as it follows its multiple rule. Two stitches are added to the foundation chain. So, that it can be part of the turning chain for the second row.

I found this stitch in the 500 Crochet Stitches: The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible that I purchased on Amazon.

Stitch abbreviations:

ch – chain

dc – double crochet (UK term – treble crochet)

rep – repeat

sc – single crochet (UK term – double crochet)

sk – skip

st(s) – stitch(es)

tch – turning chain

Ch 28 (multiple 14 stitches) plus 1 stitch; add 2 stitches to foundation chain

Row 1 – Sk 2 ch (count as a dc), 3 dc in next ch, *sk 3 ch, 1 sc in each of next 7 sts, sk 3 ch, 7 dc in next ch; rep from * to last ch, 4 dc, turn.

Row 2 – Ch 1, 1 sc in first st, 1 sc in each st to end of row with 1 sc in top of tech, turn.

Row 3 – Ch 1, 1 sc in each of first 4 its, *sk 3 sts, 7 dc in next ch, sk 3 sts, 1 sc in each of next 7 sts; rep from * until 11 sts remaining, sk 3 sts, 7 dc in next st, 1 sc in each of remaining 4 sts, sk tch, turn.

Row 4 – Ch 1, 1 sc in first st, 1 sc in each st to end of row, sk tch, turn.

Row 5 – Ch 3 (count as 1 dc), 3 dc in first st, *sk 3 sts, 1 sc in each of next 7 sts, sk 3 sts, 7 dc in next st; rep from * ending with 4 dc in last st, sk tch, turn.

Repeat Rows 2 through 5 over and over until you reach the end of your pattern (ending in Row 5).


Check out the video tutorial that I posted on my YouTube channel.

If you would like to check out the scarf that I made using this stitch pattern and crochet it for yourself or as a gift, check out the Wavy Infinity Scarf.

If you have any questions, let me know by commenting below. Also, let me know how you would like for this stitch to be used.

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