Crochet the Springtime in Barcelona Shawl using two different Tunisian Crochet stitches and a warm springtime colorway. 

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Spring is in the air! And so is the Springtime in Barcelona Shawl!

While the temperatures were going from one end to the other and sometimes on the same day. But, it’s safe to say that we can put away our winter coats and dust off our spring jackets.

But, who wants to wear jackets all the time? Besides, sometimes you don’t want to wear a jacket or need a jacket. You would like something else.

A shawl will do!

It’s light and airy but provides enough of a shield against the cool breezes. The Springtime in Barcelona Shawl is perfect for the early mornings or evenings.

You can wear it across your back and have one end flipped to the opposite should. You’ll be warm enough and stylish at the same time.

Second first pattern

It’s why I wanted to design a shawl for my next pattern. You want to make sure that the width is wider than a regular scarf and as long as an infinity scarf. And be able to drape over you and cover like half of your back.

I also wanted to design the shawl as my first Tunisian Crochet pattern. The stitches it creates are lovely and it “feels” different. The Tunisian Mesh Stitch creates the lacy and airy pattern that you want with a shawl. You want those open gaps and use a stitch that feels light. The Tunisian Simple Stitch adds texture and add more personality to scarf.

The pattern will be a repeat of two rows of the Tunisian Mesh Stitch and one row of the Tunisian Simple Stitch.

The video tutorial is on my YouTube channel and you can find the link after the pattern. If you have a Ravelry account, add this pattern to your library by clicking on the link below.


Bulky #5 yarn weight  Intermediate Project Level


20.5″ x 70″


2 skeins of Barcelona Dulce; Daffodil

L (8.0 mm) hook

Darning needle


Tape measure

Locking stitch marker (optional)


Stitch abbreviations:

ch – chain

FwP – forward pass

RetP – return pass

sk – skip

tms – tunisian mesh stitch

tss – tunisian simple stitch

vb – vertical bar

yo – yarn over



The shawl uses the Tunisian Mesh Stitch and the Tunisian Simple Stitch. One row consists of a forward pass and a return pass.

Ch 120.

Set up the foundation row by collecting loops onto the hook and working through the back bumps of the chains.

Row 1 – (FwP) yo, sk 1st vb, 1 tss in the next vb; *yo, sk next vb, 1 tss in the next vb; rep from * until last vb.1 tss in last vb.

Do a RetP.

Row 2 – Repeat Row 1

Row 3 – (FwP) sk 1st vb, 1 tss in the next vb; *1 tss in the next vb; rep from * until last vb.1 tss in last vb.

Do a RetP.

Row 4 – Repeat rows 1 – 3 until you reach the length of the shawl. Finish the shawl by completing the repeat with Row 3.

Finishing details

Since we are finishing using the Tunisian Simple Stitch, we are going to cast off as if we were going to do another row of the stitch. Fasten off and weave in your ends.

The ends of the scarf won’t curl too much with the Tunisian Mesh Stitch. To have it not curl at all, you would need to block the project.

I’m curious to which color and yarn you’ll be using. It can be a nice addition to a cocktail dress by going with a yarn that glitters or in black. And various other ways to add more personality to the shawl.

Let me know what other types of patterns you would like to see using these stitches or other ones.

If you are interested in seeing the Tunisian Mesh Stitch or the Tunisian Simple Stitch used in other types of patterns, just let me know.

I hope you enjoy crocheting this blog. Let me know how it goes by commenting below and on my youtube channel. It’ll be the perfect alternative to a spring jacket where it’ll cover you but let you enjoy that spring breeze.



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