On my way to work, I’ve seen people crocheting on public transportation and I wondered what they get out of it. Besides the obvious of having something at the end of the project. Someone had mentioned to me not too long ago that crocheting was a stress reliever for her. In my head, I said “Say what now? Please continue…” I’m always looking for ways to reduce stress AND it’s an arts and crafts thing! SOLD!


But, I picked up knitting needles first since I thought that it would be easier for me to learn than crochet. Within the year, set my knitting needles aside and picked up the crochet hooks. Reducing stress is only one reason to pick up the crochet hooks that will benefit your health. Here are the top 5 reasons for you to start crocheting (and continue to do so)…


Reduces anxiety

The first reason to start crocheting is that it helps to reduce anxiety. Have you ever feel anxious and don’t know what to with your hands? Creating something with your hands can help you stay focused and keep your fingers busy. It can also help with social anxiety because of the community it builds.


Builds a community

Crocheting can be something you do on your own but it’s also a social activity. It can be formal where you meet up with groups and crochet together, or at events, craft fairs, and online community… ahem.. such as this one. We are here to help each other out, learn from one another, and high five each other when we finished a project.

Reduces stress

Next up on the list of reasons to start crocheting is why I started crocheting. Stress can wreak havoc on your life in so many ways including your health. Stress can make you want to eat junk food, feel overwhelmed, and so much more. With me, I need to keep my stress levels at a manageable level. If left unchecked, I will have IBS flare-ups that can be so painful. It’s been at least 5 years where I haven’t had the need to be on a prescription to help me manage my IBS. I’ve found ways to help me deal with stress which, of course, crocheting. It’s like a form of meditation. You are in the zone and what’s going on around you can fade away. It’s awesome!


Builds self-esteem

So, you’ve been working on something for a bit and now you’re done… don’t you feel good about yourself? You’ve accomplished something… so I would hope so! With crocheting, it’s the same thing. Whether the project took you a day or a month or longer, you feel great! Your self-esteem goes up because you CREATED something. You have every right to feel good about yourself.

Create gifts that won’t hurt your wallet

The last reason to start crocheting is that they can be gifts for others (or yourself)! Cash flow tight but someone’s birthday is coming up or the holidays are around the corner? You can buy a scarf in the store and it can run you at least $15. But, you can buy yarn for half of that or even less if you have sales and coupons on your side. Same thing goes for making a hat, or a blanket, or whatever else you want to make. Not too long ago, I made an infinity scarf for someone’s birthday. It was four colors and I had enough yarn left to make another one. It only cost me $12 and it was NICE if I do say so myself! But, she did too.


These are only five reasons for you to start crocheting or keep crocheting. The crochet community is a happy community that is supportive of one another and you can learn so much. You also end up wanting to push yourself to see what you can do. When I started out, all I did was scarves because anything else was intimidating. But, I thought, let me see what else I can do. I’ve done hats and blankets. But, I have my eyes set on adding more to the list. Stay tuned!


So, do you crochet (or knit)? What got you started in the craft? If you haven’t started crocheting, have I piqued your interest? What are your reasons for wanting to start? Let’s talk… comment below! Love to chat!

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