Sometimes it’s not picking a project to do that’s hard. Even though there are so many lovely and cool patterns out there and not enough time to do them all. What’s hard is picking the right yarn for your project. Am I right?

This is going to sound silly but when I shop for yarns for my crochet projects, they speak to me. Or rather whisper.

Umm… what?

As I have said, it sounds silly but let me explain.

You want to pick up your hook and crochet so you fall into 1 of 2 categories:

  1. You’re making your own design, but don’t know yet what yarn you’ll be using
  2. You’re using a pattern from another designer but don’t want to use the yarn (or those particular colors) that is listed on the pattern
  3. There is no pattern at the moment but you know you want to crochet something… anything

Now what?

This is where you should let inspiration guide you in picking the right yarn for your project. Go to one of your favorite yarn shop (or two or three :D) and go up and down the aisles. That’s when it starts… when you become a yarn whisperer. It’s where inspiration hits you and you’ll find the RIGHT yarn for your project and probably other yarns for other projects.

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But, how does that conversation goes… between you and the yarn?

If you fall under the first two categories from above, then you’ve already filtered out which yarns will and will not be right for your project. You are looking for a yarn that checks off most, if not, all of these items:

  1. Fiber
  2. Weight of yarn
  3. Color scheme
  4. Care instructions

I say that most of these items would be checked off because you might find a yarn that you really want to use and you can forgive the fact that it is not machine washable. It happens!

If you fall under the third category, this checklist can still help. It’ll help you to focus on what you like and don’t like and try something new. After picking the right yarn, ideas for either creating a pattern or finding a particular pattern will start to pop up.


Some fibers are not the best for all types of projects. If you want to make hats or scarves for the winter, you want yarn that would provide warmth. So, you’ll gravitate towards yarn that is made of wool or wool blend.

Yarn that is made of cotton might not be the best. Cotton might do well for winter type of projects but, I think, for that time when seasons are changing and not the heart of winter. Cotton is great for projects for the spring and summer since it is such a breathable fiber.

Acrylic yarn is great for any type of projects. When all else fails, consider acrylic yarn.

Weight of yarn

Just like fiber, some weights of yarn would not be great for some seasons or certain types of projects. Bulky and super bulky yarn would be great for scarves and hats. Using a fine yarn won’t give you that “warmth” factor that you’re looking for those projects. Same thing the other way around. Bulky yarn would be too much if you want to do a lacy shawl.

Worsted weight works great for all types of projects. So, worsted/medium yarn is a great go-to-yarn.

Color scheme

This is where things can get really fun and you can add even more personality to your project. You can do the same project over and over again but using different colors and it will have a different “feel” to it.

You can combine different colors that are colorful and it evokes happiness. You can combine different shades of colors to get that ombré effect. The possibilities are endless.

Care instructions

You’ve walked up and down the aisles of the shop, whispering conversations with different yarns, and now you have the yarn for your project. But, it’s not machine washable and dryable. Is that a deal breaker for you? Sometimes it is for me.

If the yarn has easy care instructions, that is a huge plus for me. Sometimes, it’s a necessity. If the project is for a baby, then mom and dad will thank you for choosing a yarn that is machine washable and dryable.

As I have said, these whispering conversations seem silly but they work. At the end of the conversation, you’re finding yourself at the checkout line with what you came to buy and maybe some other yarn.

Do you find yourself having these types of conversations to find your yarn? Or do you gravitate towards one type of yarn or brand? Try it out and let me know.

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