One of the age-old question in the craft world… Should I knit or crochet? Weill, not really an “age-old” question. But, it’s a question that we still ask ourselves. Which one should we learn to do?

I think people are one of three different types of people when answering this question. One person may choose one craft and call it a day. Another person may already have a strong opinion of one over the other. The last person will need to know more information about the two crafts.

Similarities between crocheting and knitting

There are many similarities between crocheting and knitting besides creating beautiful items.

  1. The reasons I listed in my post for the Top 5 Reasons to Start Crocheting, are also true for knitting. Especially the health benefits.
  2. With either style of crafts, you can create the same types of projects with yarn (i.e. hats, blankets, scarves, etc.).
  3. Both crafts helps to improve your hand-eye coordination by maintaining the tension in the yarn and minimizing any potential mistakes.
  4. A person can focus on the task at hand and led to an almost meditative state as you start to relax with each stitch.
  5. Knitters and crocheters must be patient and it can take some time to finish a project. Some projects can be completed in an hour while others can take weeks to months to finish. But, the end result always makes the time put in worth it.
  6. Creating items with yarn does need some planning. Such as, what materials are needed for the project, the pattern, and how much time it will take to finish a project. This last part is important if the project for a gift for someone and given on a specific day.
  7. Projects are created with either reading a chart or a pattern
  8. Both forms of crafts have abbreviations and symbols when describing stitches (but they are different from one another).

Differences between crochet and knitting

While there are many similarities between crocheting and knitting, there are some differences between the two crafts.

  1. Crochet uses different sized hooks and knitting uses different types of needles (first pic on the left) in various sizes. Knitting needles come in as straight needles (second pic from the left), circular needles (third pic), and double pointed needles (last pic). The project will determine which type of needles the knitter would need. Such as, a blanket can be created with circular needles and socks can be created with double pointed needles.
  2. Whether it is true or not but I truly believe that crocheting is faster than knitting. I find it I can “work” the yarn faster with one crochet hook than two or four knitting needles.
  3. Dropped stitches in knitting can be picked up easily even if it is rows below. But, with crochet, you would have to unravel the stitches up until the point of where the mistake is and then you are able to fix it. 
  4. If dropped stitches not fixed in knitting, then the project can unravel but not with crocheting. With crocheting, the mistake could be left as a hole or uneven stitches.
  5.  A person can possibly end up having more works in progress (WIPs) in crochet since the hooks can be reused. With knitting, the yarn has to be to stay on one of the knitting needles.

Even though I learned knitting first, I do enjoy crocheting more as I find it that I can finish a project more quickly and like the look of the stitches. Nothing beats finishing a project to either gift it to someone (or yourself) and then be able to start another project.

It was also a lot easier to learn crocheting than knitting. With crocheting, I’ve created blankets, scarves, and hats. I’ll be adding more types to that list soon enough. Which one is better or easier to learn, is up to each person to decide.

If you could choose one, knitting or crocheting, which one would you choose? How come? For those who have only done one of them, are you wondering about learning to do the other? Let’s talk… comment below! I’m curious to read what you have done and think about knitting and crocheting.

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